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February 15, 2022

Raise your hand if you’d rather play in traffic than move. *raises hand* Moving is a time-consuming thing, especially when you have more than enough clothes to pack. Oftentimes you’ll go through your closet and realize “Um, when did I buy all of this stuff.” Don’t fret, here are a few tips to help you stay successful in moving your wardrobe to a new home. From hanging your clothes to shoes, accessories, or your most delicate pieces, each requires its own packing strategy. 

Here are a few step-by-step ideas to show you how to prepare for packing, packing methods and how to sort through your clothes to ensure you are only taking what you really want.

  1. Go Through Your Closet: Before you even begin packing your clothes, you’ll want to assess everything. Take a look at your bags, hats, accessories, and clothing. Which items are worth it to you to pack and which items do you no longer want? To fully assess your closet, try hanging all the clothes in front of you. Take folded clothes out of the drawers and place them onto your bed. This will show you everything you have. From there, look at what you want to keep or not keep. Have you worn this item in the last year? Is it still in good condition? Is it still in style and do you feel good wearing it? If not, then place it in either a donation pile or sell pile. Now it’s time to go through and figure out what items you want to donate. Look for a donating center like Goodwill or Salvation Army to donate any items you do not want or see if a charity can come and pick it up for you for free. Reach out to friends or neighbors to see if anyone is doing a garage sale and would like to team up. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the clothes you do not want anymore, wash and dry the clothes you do and make sure that they are dried properly prior to packing so they do not become damp and grow mold. This could be a huge disaster when it comes to moving. 
  1. How To Properly Pack Your Clothes: You’ll need to now decide how to plan all the remaining clothes that you have. Gather any cardboard boxes that you have. These can be used for packing folded clothing and lucky for you, you can find them anywhere. Search online stores and marketplaces for big stores or any local recycling center. There are also wardrobe boxes that will come in handy when you are packing clothes that are on hangers and can easily be put into the box wrinkle-free and then taken back out in your new home. If you are needing a budget-friendly idea, pack the items you’ll need when moving on the big day in a suitcase. This is a way to pack your folded clothing, shoes, and more, especially if you already have them. Vacuum or compressions bags are also a great way to store items that might be bulky such as sweatshirts. You can purchase them from various stores or Amazon and these also help protect them from elements and condense them to fit more clothes! Also, keep on the lookout for any packing paper, plastic bins, shoe boxes, garment bags, and plastic bags to make moving everything easier and store them all in one central location.
  1. Folding Non-Hanging Clothes: One of the biggest struggles for anyone moving is figuring out how to get the folded clothes stored and moved easily. There are 2 different ways to do this. The flat fold is without a doubt one of the simplest and traditional ways to fold clothing. To fold a shirt using a flat method, lie it face down and flat on the floor. Fold one side of the shirt and sleeve in towards the middle, lie it down and smooth out any wrinkles. Repeat this step on the other side. Once both sides have been folded, fold the bottom half of the shirt up. Smooth out any wrinkles again. To help you pack, pants should be first folded with one leg over the other and from there fold in third and smooth out wrinkles. Place the heavier items on top. Another easy way to fold your clothes is by rolling them. This is how the army still rolls their clothes today. To roll a shirt, first lie it flat on a hard surface and take the bottom a few inches of the shirt and flip it inside out. Next, fold the sleeve inwards and lie it on the shirt, and lie it on the shirt. Then, fold the shirt so that it touches the middle. Take the other half of the shirt and fold it on top of the first half. Starting at the top of the shirt, begin rolling it down as tightly as you can. Once the shirt is rolled up, you’ll notice a pouch at the bottom where you flipped the bottom of the shirt inside out. Take that pouch and fold it over the rolled shirt. This will help to keep it all in place during the move. If this sounded confusing, YouTube it. It’s a lot easier than it sounds! 

Image: Gameday Moving Services 

  1. Hire The Experts: If all of this seems like an overwhelming obstacle, your best bet would be to hire professionals to properly move your clothing and use these techniques in the process. Gameday Moving Services are professionals who not only can work their magic on hanging and folding your clothes properly but they also are able to move them long distance or a short distance away. They know how important the minute details of moving projects can be which is why they are guaranteed to give you a satisfying experience every time. I appreciate that they not only can pack and move all of my clothes for me but also move them local or long distance in the Athens Georgia area. 

Moving doesn’t have to be crazy stressful, especially when it comes to packing items like your wardrobe, personal/precious possessions, and everything in between. If you truly feel like it’s too much, save yourself the headache and find a trustworthy moving company to do it for you. 

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