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November 17, 2021

When we first bought our home in 2018, holy cow it was a hot mess! But we saw what it could become and it was our first so we went for it. With a year of improvements, one by one, I honestly love our little home.

The absolute first thing I did was paint, even before moving all of our stuff in. A little paint can go a long way when it comes to changing the look of an area. I LOVE grays and whites so of course….

I even painted our cabinets, this part took a little more effort of course but it was so worth it! Our small home really opened up with brightening the color pallet! Bare with me on my photos, I now realize I don’t have any updated photos from our more recent decor and furniture and since it’s nearly December my entire house is covered head to toe in Christmas Decorations! But you get the idea really quick on how easy we changed our space, even undecorated.

After paint, I would highly recommend taking a look at your baseboards and door frames. We didn’t do this until about a year in, and it was such an easy process that I wish we had done it sooner! We swapped all of the outdated baseboards out with a 6 inch simple look that made a huge difference in the appearance of our home. Everything looks so crisp and clean now! See below for the messy middle process.

The next main upgrade I would consider, which you can tell clearly made a difference in our home, is the countertops! We upgraded to a granite countertop, and just wow! It took our kitchen and bathrooms to another level (and century ha!). If you are looking to replace your own, be sure to check out Click Countertops. They truly make this process great and I wish we had known about them when we got ours put in. Click Countertops removes friction points and simplifies the process of replacing your countertops, saving you time and money! You can even start the process online and create a custom quote here. Don’t take the time to search Google for Sandy Springs Countertops, Marietta countertops, or Atlanta countertops – they do it all, all over Metro Atlanta.

Last but certainly not least, consider an accent wall in a room of your home! We added one to our nursery and it is PERFECTION! It easily transformed this room into something straight out of pinterest.

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