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October 6, 2020

Packing. The seven letter word, one action that everyone seems to hate am I right? Some don’t mind packing but hate un-packing. I totally get it, its tedious and sometimes gruesome! I’ve learned a few tricks and tips that make my packing life a lot easier when preparing for a trip so I figured I’d share with you!

I’m one that defiantly overpacks, but not by much. Just enough to put my mind at ease that I have options and am not stuck if something comes up on a trip that I’m not prepared for. To start any trip I start with my luggage, do I need the big or little suitcase? Ha. Seems like a silly question but when I start out with this question, I don’t pack more than can fit in the suitcase. Weekend trip? Little suitcase. 4 days or more? Big suitcase for sure!

Mine are similar to these, which are under $100!

Once my suitcase is chosen, I make sure that all of our laundry is clean so that I have a full closet of options. I choose an outfit for each occasion that I know we will be at, then I pick some comfy clothes options and some extra cute options in case something pops up!

Make a list: Make a physical list that you can check off as you are placing the items in your suitcase, this way you don’t forget anything.

Next step, fitting in and packing my toiletries, makeup, jewelry, hair products and styling tools! These take up a good bit of space for me usually and I used to be so concerned with how things were packed. Will my shampoo explode in my suitcase and ruin my clothes? Will my necklaces get tangled into a mess I cannot undo? Will my mouth wash leak and have my clothes smelling like spearmint for the entire trip? So many possibilities. Then I found Ellis James Designs and these worries honestly became less of a worry.

I pack my jewelry, toiletries and makeup all separately and organized using their specialized bags! They are all handy as well as super cute. See my personal photos below of them in use, click the links under the photo to find the product on AMAZON and on sale.

Flying is Different: If flying, I always like to keep one outfit and my makeup on my person just in case of a mishap with my luggage! I’ve been stranded before, and though the air carrier will usually give you an allowance to replace items or purchase something to get you by I don’t want to waste time on a trip to do this. I also make sure I have my charger with me in my purse or carry on, just in case regardless of how long my battery usually lasts!

Though life looks a little differently this year, we are still taking small trips and looking forward to the adventures ahead, I hope that you are too!

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