Hi, I’m Tommie.

Yes you read that right, Tommie. Like the guy name. & yes, thats a girls photo below that name.

Writing about anything else is easy but, for some reason, whenever I sit down to write about myself, I end up telling lame stories about what my dog ate last month or about the afternoon my dad taught me to drive a stick shift in my “Nan-daddy’s” beat up Ranger pick-up, that happened to be missing a seat so I sat on bags of mineral or about how I went to PetSmart last week and spent $21 on a toy that my dog will absolutely destroy in 2 seconds because it was an adorable zebra. The stories sound awesome in my head when I write them but, afterwards, when I proofread everything I wrote down, I think “I didn’t say anything about myself at all!?” and then just keep everything as-is because I don’t know what else to say. 

But! Then I realized!

I tell stories about myself because I love that everyone has stories. I tell stories all the time. Most of the time they are totally irrelevant and often told in the least appropriate times, but all of these stories mean something to me, and since they mean something to me, they’ve become part of who I am. 

I love that stories are small pieces of time and emotion and life that eventually become part of you. Creating memories from experiences is fascinating. So, all I can say is this:

      If you meet me, or keep up with my new blog, I’ll tell you a ton of stories and listen to a ton of your stories, too. So thank you for finding yourself on my page, hope to see you here again!

What will I write?


Although this year has been a total bust, my husband and I LOVE to travel. I will be sure to tell you all the deets on our trips, where to go and what restaurants to avoid. I am also very cost efficient when it comes to travel, so I’ll tell you how to make AMAZING trips and adventures on a budget!

Health & Beauty

I’m so into beauty hacks, skin care and vitamins! I’d love to share my experiences on products an some of the struggles I’ve gone through.


Truthfully, this is a new subject for me. I have such a random style in my own opinion, however some people seem to like it. I’ll share what feels right and hope to get some feedback from ya’ll!


Our entire house is a DIY project, I kid you not! From the exterior whitewashed brick to the hand built master bed frame, my husband and I have truly built our home. I take a lot of pride in our little country-chic house and cannot wait to tell you about every step.

Let’s make something together.